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Rock Bird #1

Rock Bird #1

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Artist's Touch: Dive into the essence of my art with these aluminum prints. Authenticated with an autograph and a certificate of authentification (mailed upon proof of delivery as a safety measure). 

Sleek & Durable: Crafted on DIBOND® panels, combining strength with a lightweight design.

Silky Gloss: White-coated aluminum surface adds a delicate, silky gloss for visual allure.

Vivid Colors & Matte Finish: Enhances artwork depth and elegance, ensuring a timeless grace.

Sturdy: Each print is about 3 mm thick, providing stability and longevity.

Lifelike Representation: Utilizes direct print technology for true-to-life color representation.

Easy Installation: Comes with a hanging kit for immediate enjoyment.

More Than Prints: These pieces embody my passion, ready to bring beauty to your space.

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