I'm Thomas, a digital artist hailing from Roeselare, a city in the western part of Belgium, where I was born and raised. My journey in art is akin to a roller coaster ride that life took me on. It served as my escape route during turbulent times, helping me navigate through storms of fear and panic.

My creations? They are like an unforgettable melody - starting with simple notes and surprising you with something wild and unexpected. I do not just design to catch your eye, but to stir your soul, to touch that tender spot within you that brings all emotions to the fore.

I draw my influences from graffiti and stencil art styles. My favorite subjects are portraits, silhouettes, and objects. The creative process begins with a scene I see in real life or an idea that comes up in my mind. I then sketch hard line drawings to explore where my creativity leads me. Once the full idea takes shape, I start creating the actual digital artwork, mainly using Procreate.

Every piece I design is like a coin with two sides - one side touches your heart, and the other side? It's destined to take your space from "meh" to "woah!" All my digital artworks are printed on Dibond aluminum, with each piece being a certified original. There is only one available for each creation, which adds an authentic touch to the limited editions.

Minimalism is my haven, its simplicity and order are my anchor. I find beauty in minimal work, with my most used color palette consisting of gray, white, black, and a focus color. I experiment with different shades of these colors to create depth and movement in my artwork.

Here is my motto: "My illustrations are not just for my studio wall; they are primarily created with you in mind." I believe that art should never play hard-to-get. So, owning a piece from Valesh will not require you to break your bank account.

I deliberately refrain from describing my work, except for its name. This is because I really want you, the viewer, to interpret the work in your own unique way. Therefore, when you choose one of my pieces, remember - you are not just buying some ink on paper. You are diving headfirst into a world that is equal parts elegance and a hint of naughty rebellion. So, step into my universe, and let's transform your space to not just look, but also truly feel.